Working together for a future where everyone has access to reliable healthcare information

"The 15th challenge is to ensure that everyone in the world can have access to clean, clear, knowledge - a basic human right, and a public health need as important as access to clean, clear water, and much more easily achievable."

Pang T et al. A 15th grand challenge for global public health.The Lancet 2006; 367:284-286

Global Healthcare Information Network (GHI-Net) is dedicated to help others work more effectively together in the creation, exchange and use of healthcare information. The focus is on health care in low- and middle income countries (LMICs), including health workers, citizens, researchers and policymakers. GHI-net provides online forums to promote communication and knowledge sharing and is not itself a provider of healthcare information.

Global Healthcare Information Network (GHI-Net) provides inclusive support through:

  • Communication: Promoting international, regional and national cooperation
  • Understanding: Building a picture of information needs and how to meet them
  • Effective action: Advocacy for cost-effective solutions

All activities are undertaken under the banner of Healthcare Information For All.


  • Vocational healthcare providers - especially the majority whose current ability to deliver safe, effective health care is limited by lack of relevant, reliable reference and learning materials.
  • Lay healthcare providers - family members, friends and community carers.
  • Healthcare consumers - especially the majority worldwide who do not have access to a healthcare professional who is informed, supported and motivated
  • Health trainers - including all those involved in the basic education and continuing professional development of healthcare professionals
  • Health information professionals - librarians and others who train healthcare providers to find, appraise and use health information
  • Producers and distributors of reference and learning materials - a very large and diverse group, including those who create, publish and/or distribute original research, systematic reviews, drug formularies, textbooks, practical newsletters, manuals, clinical guidelines, and computer-assisted diagnostics
  • Communication and development professionals
  • Information technologists
  • Policy makers and international health organisations
  • Regional bodies concerned with health information - eg Association for Health Information and Libraries in Africa
  • Health researchers - including biomedical researchers and health systems researchers
  • Health information researchers - those with specialist research interests in access, use and application of healthcare information



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